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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quick Update

Okay, one more post from me for now.  Just a quick update.

Allyson got through her surgery in about 1/3 of the time she was supposed to.  Such an answered prayer.  They did exactly what they said they would do - get in, get the tumor, and get out.

She has not had any of the possible side effects from the surgery, praise the Lord.  She is walking (slowly but surely), talking, and moving all her very long, long fingers and toes.  :)

She has a three inch scar that starts just after her hairline.  She decided to opt for shaving her entire head so she has a lovely new hairdo that will grow out with time.

She has been home since Friday and her sweet mother-in-law is staying with them for a couple weeks.  My parents have gone home but I have a feeling they will be back before long.

She will return to the hospital in about three weeks for some follow up tests, and we are still awaiting the pathology reports.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the path results as well as a speedy recovery for her.  If you are interested in bringing a meal (sorry to all the people who have asked about this and I haven't responded), here is the link:

Please note that they are asking at this time that the meals be left in the cooler on the porch.  They just aren't quite ready to receive visitors, unless, of course, you have talked to them first!

Thank you for all your calls, emails, and texts.  I am only speaking for myself but I bet my parents would say the same thing - we love receiving them but the response has been so overwhelming that we just can't respond to all of them as quickly as we would like.  We love each of you and are truly, truly grateful for your care for us during this time.


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